Recorded: August 19, 2022

Training Description: Nevada's appropriative water rights are created by filing applications with the state engineer and are approved under a framework of procedures, guidelines, and statutes. This webinar will explore how a water right materializes from Application to Certificate—connecting the legacy of existing administrative structures and how new ideas can improve these systems. In this presentation, we will explore the Nevada Division of Water Resources' website and the data that predicates the decisions regarding our state's most valuable resource. With the information from this webinar, Nevada's Courts will be better equipped with the knowledge to help optimize and balance these complex matters in their future decisions.  

Faculty: Reed A. Cozens, P.E., WRS, Resource Concepts, Inc.

Who Should View: This course is designed for Nevada District Court Judges. Note: Meets Core Competency "Judicial Knowledge" (JK)

Continuing Education Credit: 1.5 CLE/CJE. Note: This course will be stale dated on December 31, 2025.