Dr. Stephanie Holland and Judge Margaret Pickard discuss the effective use of Comprehensive Custody Evaluations and Brief Focused Assessments in child custody cases. While these two forensic tools have underlying similarities, their practical applications are starkly different.  Both CCEs and BFAs are used to assist in better informing judicial decision-making in child custody disputes, and both evaluations may be appropriate in different phases of the same case. However, BFAs typically address specific issues in a family dispute while CCEs offer a comprehensive analysis of the internal family dynamic and the parenting capacity of each parent.  Participants will learn how the differences of the two assessments can assist the court.  Practical considerations for rural areas will be considered, including how rural areas can implement the use of evaluations and some of the obstacles that Courts face in rural areas.

Who Should Attend: This course is designed for all Nevada judges, masters, and Nevada Settlement Judges. Note: Meets Core Competency "Judicial Skills" (JS)

Faculty: Stephanie Holland, Psy.D., Ltd. dba Desert Psychological, NV and Judge Margaret Pickard, Eighth Judicial District Court, Family Court

Continuing Education Credit: 1.0 CLE/CJE (Certificate of Attendance required to receive continuing legal/judicial education credit). NOTE: CLE credit for this course is approved through February 19, 2024 and will then be stale dated.

Before You Begin: This course should take approximately 1.0 hour to complete. You can complete the course in one session or return to it as often as needed.

The course is organized into three sections:

1.  Video presentation - 1.0 hour in length, includes Q&A session; must be viewed to receive education credit.
2.  Materials & Resources - Presentation outline and/or PowerPoint and additional reference documents; must be read to receive education credit.
3.  Forms -Certificate of Attendance (COA)-formal acknowledgement credit earned, Certificate of Completion -formal certificate for personal education records, and Evaluation.